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Cool New Books To Read

Last week there was a vignette prompt at Sarah Hoyt's blog, but no book promo. This week it seems the vignette prompt has gone astray, but there are two new books you might want to look into, as well as a humorous tale of obstacles overcome.

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone about Joseph T Major's new novel. I'm hoping to start reading it shortly.

The Motherland Knows by Joseph T Major

They thought he could help.
The First Man in Space was under pressure. He had to regain his flight status. A friend had died for him. And from all over the Soviet Union, workers and other proletarians wrote him begging for help. Sometimes he could help
And now, he was beginning to think, the Soviet Union was going the wrong way, a very wrong way.
They might decide to solve some matters. A dead hero can't disagree with the authorities.
So he reached out, to someone he had met, someone who was known, someone he thought he could trust.
Then, on a cold and clear Christmas night, he took the most daring step -- and the world changed.

In a tale of space flight, spying, and politics, people who thought they would never get into that sort of thing now found themselves propelled into it. A turbulent and tumultuous world is shaken into a different path, as leaders react to embarrassment with a desire for prestige, where the wish of a pilot is brought closer to coming through, and famous men are brought together, to find that enemies are more like them than they had imagined.


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