starshipcat (starshipcat) wrote,

New Shakeups at Tesla

It seems that a significant portion of Tesla's Autopilot division, which is responsible for the AI software that enables self-driving features, has quit in a massive shakeup. Apparently Elon Musk has decided that self-driving software isn't that hard, and it caused a great deal of friction.

Some parts of the software necessary for producing a self-driving car may not be all that hard, but right now it seems like the ones that are coming to commercial production are exactly the parts the make it easier for the human driver to become disengaged mentally from the driving process. And that means that, when Autopilot is overwhelmed and the human driver needs to take over, it may take minutes when every second counts. And if Musk pushes harder, it's more likely to create an Autopilot that leaves the legally-responsible driver even less engaged mentally in driving, and more likely to spend vital time reorienting in an emergency.
Tags: computers, safety, vehicles

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