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Of Joys and Sadness

It was a great joy to read about the first Mass celebrated at the cathedral of Notre Dame, by the Archbishop of Paris since the devastating fire in April. To be sure, it was in a side chapel rather than at the high altar, and His Excellency had to wear a hard hat instead of his miter, but it's a ray of hope that soon enough one of the most iconic churches of Western Christendom will be restored.

And then I get the news that a blogger I follow had died overnight. Her husband and co-blogger had taken her to the hospital for an illness that, while serious, had not appeared life-threatening -- until things went seriously wrong. I didn't know her well, because she blogged about the very touchy subject of religious violence, so she wrote under a pseudonym and was very careful to avoid personally identifying details, but the loss still comes as a shock.
Tags: gratitude, grief, religion

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