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Of Might Have Beens

I just realized that, if things had not gone so badly awry at our last convention, today would've been the last day of our Omaha convention. Maybe it would've gone well for us, but the last two conventions by that promoter were down for us, and the Omaha one has always been a weaker one. It's quite possible that we could've ended up losing a bunch of money, especially if I hadn't recovered from whatever's had me down this winter. And loading out was always difficult for us at that convention -- both years we were the last dealer out, and substantially later than everyone else.

OTOH, if we had gone, I would've cut a number of products that sell poorly and take an unusually long time to pack and unpack. Maybe it would've made a difference in our load-in and load-out times.

In the meantime, the only thing I can do is work on rehabbing myself so I'll have my strength and stamina back up for our next convention, next month. And try to get some work done on the online side of our business, which has slid for some time now.
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