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Corporate Welfare?

There's been a lot of discussion of late about corporations such low wages that their employees are eligible for food stamps -- and the information on how to apply being openly provided in break rooms and other employee areas. In effect, the argument goes, the employer is shamelessly exploiting the welfare system, like the "welfare queens" who were so heavily talked about in the 1980's.

The Passive Guy has picked up an article pointing the finger at Amazon for high SNAP enrollment among its employees. However, unlike many of the articles he picks up, he doesn't just excerpt it on his site. This time he digs deeper, looking at the statistics that were used by the article writer, and specifically the probable biases of the organization that assembled and analyzed them.

It makes interesting reading, and yet another proof that life is seldom as simple as it appears on the surface. This comes out especially in the comments, as people point out how the individuals in question are almost certainly members of families,
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