October 18th, 2021

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And That Was Indiana Comic Con

In some ways it was great -- there were some times when we could hardly keep up with the pace of customers, and I think we had a few transactions that simply didn't get recorded. In others, it had a real feel of an end of an era. Like Tampa and Atlanta, it's been sold to a new promoter, and was clearly under new management. There's a real possibility that we won't be doing it next year, if the new promoter changes things in a way that's not compatible with our business model.

I really wonder if this move was prompted by the severe loss the old promoter took on their Wisconsin event back in 2019, followed by the 2020 pandemic shutdowns. I think they probably could've weathered either one of them singly, but it's quite possible that the two in rapid succession was simply too much, and the alternative was bankruptcy and the permanent end of all three of their conventions.

Of course I'm speculating -- for obvious reasons, all parties in the know have been very close-mouthed about the entire situation. In fact, at the moment there's not even any information out on when next year's events will be taking place (the old promoter almost always had the next year's dates on the website within the week), let alone things like booth costs or application processes. All we can do is wait, and in the meantime I have to line up other conventions that may conflict with the new dates.