October 11th, 2021

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Keeping a Weather Eye Out

With Indiana Comic Con load-in rapidly approaching, I've been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. Last week, we were forecast for clear weather throughout the weekend, but over the last several days, rain has started appearing in the midweek forecast.

Even as late as this morning, the forecast was still for rain tomorrow and Wednesday, but that has now disappeared, and rain is now forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. At the moment Thursday's chance is relatively low, but it's mostly in the afternoon. This is particularly worrisome because load-in at this convention begins at 2PM on Thursday, and we're on an open loading dock.

At this point I can't get an hour-by-hour forecast that far into the future, so I still don't know exactly what we're going to be looking at. However, I'm hoping that we'll have enough clear weather to get the merchandise in without trouble, especially if we have a number of helpers. I'm planning to take additional carts with us, so that we can have several people just pushing cartload after cartload of merchandise into the vendor hall as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I feel like I'm spending as much time watching the weather as my dad did when he was farming. But given that a fair amount of our merchandise would be damaged by rain, I have to make contingency plans on these things, which means always bringing plenty of tarps to cover our cartloads of merchandise if needed.
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