October 4th, 2021

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And That Was Archon

Actually, I was quite surprised at how well Archon went this year, considering the challenges we were facing: a year's momentum lost due to last year's cancellation, our consignor sending a lot less stuff because he'd experienced unexpected success at a small event the previous weekend, and reduced attendance because a lot of people are still uneasy about going to large events.

As it turned out, we got yet another convention with a self-selected group of people who want to spend money. We had several large book purchases, of the sort that we hadn't been seeing for years, and emptied one entire box of paperbacks and a good portion of a second (and had several last-minute purchases, such that I didn't have time to consolidate the gaps in the backstock and see how much reduction it got us). I also got to see a number of people that I hadn't seen for several years.

We're definitely going to be going back again next year, although I know we can't expect the same level of sales because it's likely the unique circumstances of this year won't be present.
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