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Picking Up the Pieces

The last week pretty much fell completely apart for me. I think it would've been almost easier if I'd gotten really, truly sick, instead of this continual low-grade sub-par feeling that just drags on and on and on.

I did managed to do a little crumb of writing every day, even if it was just jotting down a few lines of notes. But that was pretty much it -- and the convention was a disappointment. Sales were lukewarm. Maybe better than last year, but mostly because we cut way back on our t-shirts and brought more Asian traditional goods. And it didn't help that I had a knee bothering me the whole time and couldn't stay on my feet.

This week we have another convention, but at least it's here at home, so we don't have the lengthy drive on either side, just the daily commute. I'm hoping that it will do well for us, because we need some major income to shore up our finances after the thrashing we've taken the past year.

After that, I really want to get back on course on the writing. I've got a contest deadline the 21st, and the story isn't wanting to gel. It doesn't help that it's a Gus on the Moon story, and all of a sudden I've gotten excited about the Ixilon stuff instead, so I'm having to drag myself back to it. But I've got some other stuff that I really want to do as soon as it's in the bag.
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