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On the Road -- Archon Edition

This weekend we're in Collinsville, Illinois, one of the St. Louis Metro East suburbs for Archon 44. Archon is an old-school science fiction convention, the oldest in the St. Louis area, although they've recently begun to take on more and more of the characteristics of a media con, with more media guests. However, it has been able to keep the spirit of old-school fandom, with memberships rather than tickets, and a con suite where you can get complimentary pop and snack foods, and open room parties on Friday and Saturday evening.

In honor of Archon, I'm offering The Baying of the Hounds for free Friday through Sunday. Pop over and pick up your own copy -- and if you liked it, please consider writing a review. Reviews help increase the discoverability of stories, and makes it more likely you'll see more works by the authors you enjoy.
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