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Rome's Gone Hog Wild

It seems that Rome has a wild hog problem. Not Rome, Georgia (although that part of the South does have a significant problem with razorbacks). I'm talking about the Eternal City, the home of Cicero, the Caesars, the Catholic Church.

It seems the problem porkers are multiplying, at least partly as a result of problems with uncollected garbage building up in the streets, providing plenty of goodies for these opportunistic, omnivorous scavengers. Recently an accident with a motorscooter and a wild hog has led to the Italian authorities deciding that something has to be done about this urban wildlife problem.

They're saying that these animals are true wild boar, although with the calmer western European strain somewhat altered by the importation of fiercer strains from the Russian Federation for hunting preserves. However, the photograph accompanying the article looks more like American razorbacks than the photographs I've seen of actual wild boar, so I'm wondering if these problem animals have a substantial genetic component from domestic hogs that went feral. It would make sense, since purebred wild boar are generally shy and avoid humans, but descendants of domesticated stock would be more comfortable living in the urban-wilderness interface, or even right in urban areas.
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